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The principles of design

The Principles of Design

When it comes to design, there are rules that every designer must follow to create compelling and visually exciting compositions. The seven fundamental principles of design are Emphasis, Balance and Alignment, Contrast, Repetition, Proportion, Movement, and White Space. Read more.

The word typography is dissected into different elements

The Elements of Typography

When it comes to graphic design, typography is everything. Become a great Graphic Designer, multiple factors come into play, with typography being one of the most important. Understanding the major elements of typography will help any designer to get their designs to the next level. Great typography is a fundamental element of making good designs. Read more.

The seven Elements of design

The Elements of Design

As a designer, it is essential to understand the elements of design. The seven elements of design: line, shape, texture, space, form, value, and color are the fundamental building blocks that every designer must know and understand. These elements come into play in every design. They all work together to make designs unique and exciting. Read more

Different Graphic design elements

Top Five Graphic Design Resources

As a Graphic Designer, there are a lot of tools and information at your disposal. This can often make finding the correct info and tools difficult. These are my top five resources to help new and experienced designers find the accurate information they need. Read more.