Top Five Graphic Design Resources

Different Graphic design elements

As a Graphic Designer, there are a lot of tools and information at your disposal. This can often make finding the right info and tools difficult. These are my top five resources to help any new and experienced designer find the right info they need.

Unsplash is the perfect website to find royalty-free stock images. It is my favorite website to grab beautiful images from over 200,000 photographers. They have a variety of images ranging from gorgeous landscapes to unique portrait photos.

Behance is a social media dedicated to Graphic Design. It is the perfect website to find inspiration. It is a great way to show off your work for the world to see and works directly with your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription.

My favorite commercial-free font website is Google Fonts. Google Fonts offer over 1,000 different fonts that can be used not only in print design but in website design as well. They can also be coded into the CSS of a website for easy and quick use.

Another resource that I often use and is excellent for better understanding Graphic Design is 99designs. 99designs offers a variety of resources, from their blog to their design learning resources. They provide various tips and tutorials, from essential tips for design basics to how to make custom emojis.

Adobe Color is the resource I use most often. It is a perfect site for finding the best color palette for any project. I can generate a color palette for you, or you can use it to test your colors. You can also browse through several trend color palettes to see what colors other people are using.

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