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I am a highly-skilled, ambitious graphic designer and artist with skills in visual communication, branding, package, and website design, specializing in digital photography, customer service, and SEO. As a highly-skilled, hardworking Graphic Artist specializing in visual communication, branding, package, print, and website design, I add another unique perspective to the world. Working from concept to completion, my creative process to create meaningful designs. Time management and detail orientation skills help complete designs and projects, working through multiple variations to get the client’s exact results. 

I am a senior at Baldwin Wallace University, majoring in graphic design with a minor in marketing. Throughout my college experience, I have gained real-world experience working at the BW Hive Design Group,  the BW Digital Marketing Center, and Freelancing. I graduated in December 2019 from Cuyahoga Community College with an Associated of Applied Business in Visual Communication Design. I am to graduate from Baldwin Wallace University in May 2023. Upon graduation, I hope to find a job in the Cleveland area where I can utilize graphic design and marketing skills. As of September 2022, I have started working as a Graphic Design Intern at BOMB Image. As an intern at BOMB Image, I have created social media posts, brochures and other print designs for small businesses in the North East Ohio 

My focus after graduation will be to look for a job as a graphic designer that will let me express myself creatively, as well as work as a Freelancer to gain additional experience. My final goal is to eventually work in video games, whether at a studio such as Naughty Dog or Nintendo or a game news website such as IGN or Game Informer. 

If you want to connect and learn more about my experience, I encourage you to connect with me on LinkedIn and read my resume.