Adopt Don't Shop

Print Design | Infographic
Adopt Don't Shop: The Importance of Pet adoption

The importance of adoption is a growing concern throughout the United States of America. This infographic uniquely illustrates facts to bring awareness to this issue. Adopting one dog affects not just one animal but all animals everywhere, giving every dog an option to live a safe, happy, and long life.

Adopt Don’t Shop Infographic showcases dog adoption information and facts using icons and symbols. These icons grab the viewer’s attention and lead them through the infographic. It is divided into six different sections based on research and facts. Each icon represents a fact about pet adoption. Through contrast and hierarchy, each section is layout to grab the reader’s attention. The colors used throughout it are common colors associated with dogs, with brown being a typical dog fur color. The font Nexa Rust is a bold weighted typeface that is excellent for the headlines for each section. The typeface of Avenir is great for readability and contrasts Nexa Rust to create a visual hierarchy throughout the infographic.

Final Version of the Adopt Don’t Shop Infographic

The full Adopt Don't Shop: The importance of pet adoption