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Bee Well Physical Therapy Project Cover

Bee Well Physical Therapy is a Physical Therapy Clinic located in Medina, Ohio’s Main Square, where Honeybees are a strong motif. Bee Well provides the highest quality one-on-one care to get what you love. The logo is unique to Bee Well Physical Therapy and all its branding. This logo combines honeybees and honeycombs to develop the overall look and feel of the brand. The brand includes logo guidelines, business and appointment cards, and a website.

The two yellows found thorough out Bee Well’s branding represent the yellow associated with Honeybees. At the same time, black represents the strength that Bee Well strives to give their patients. The black color ensures all text is readable and can stand out. The fonts in both the logo and the website, Montserrat and Avenir, are easy-to-read with various weights to show contrast and hierarchy. The branding uses the hexagon from the center honeybee to create consistency and pattern. It is the simplest way to express the Bee Well Physical Therapy brand so that as soon as the viewer recognizes it, they will know it is a part of the brand.

Color & Type Study

Bee Well Physical Therapy Type Study


Bee Well Physical Therapy Logo Sketches

 Intial Concepts

The Orginal Concepts for Bee Well's logo

Primary Logos

Secondary Logos

Bee Well Secondary logo

Brand identity Guidelines

 Final Business and Appointment Card

Bee Well Physical Therapy Business and Appointment cards


Bee Well Physical Therapy Website mockup and layout displaying the Bee well website

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