Bridge the Gap Brochure

Print Design | Double Gate Fold Brochure
Bridge the Gap Brochure

Bridge the Gap is a fictional non-profit organization founded on the belief that every child has a right to education. The focus of Bridge the Gap is to bring and give access to technology to schools in rural areas.

Bridge the Gap’s logo represents the closing of the gap in education access through the curved line that connects “the gap” to the “bridge.” The logo’s colors encapsulate the feeling of rural communities, with brown and green representing nature, the overall landscapes of rural Ohio, and the farms that occupy it. Green is strongly associated with plants and nature, which is related to growth, with better access to technology and the Internet, students can grow beyond their given potential and be successful. Brown represents solidarity, reliability, and stability, which are all values Bridge the Gap evokes regarding its access to education. Peach is a comforting color and often represents a feeling of encouragement. Bridge the Gap encourages students to be the best they can succeed further. 

The Bridge the Gap double gate fold brochure is a simple yet modern design to help further represent the brand’s values. The brochure’s choice of fold and size makes it easy for portability so that it is accessible, and we can connect to more families, classrooms, and students to help further our messaging. The brochure tells customers about Bridge the Gap’s services and how funding is received. The curve seen throughout the brochure is representative of Bridge the Gap’s core value of connecting children to better education. Curves are often associated with movement and expansion, which are values Bridge the Gap stands by.

The imagery throughout the brochure shows a few examples of how Bridge the Gap can help students. Roboto, the font in the logo and brochure, is an easy-to-read font so that the viewer can fully understand what services Bridge the Gap offers and how they receive their funding.

Sketches for the Logo and Brochure

Bridge the Gap Logo and Brochure Sketches

The initial Logo

the inital Bridge the Gap logo

The Final Logo

The final version of the Bridge the Gap logo

Color & Type Study

Type and Color Study for Bridge the Gap

Brochure Version 1

Bridge the Gap Intial Brochure design outside
Bridge the Gap Intial Brochure design inside

Brochure Version 2

Bridge the Gap second version Brochure design inside
Bridge the Gap second version Brochure design outside

Brochure Final Version

Bridge the Gap Final version Brochure design outside
Bridge the Gap Final version Brochure design inside
Bridge the Gap Final Brochure in a Mockup