Career Readiness

Print Design | Infographic, Magnet & Badge
Career Services Infographic

The Career Center Career Readiness: The Game infographic and magnet is a great way to track your progress before entering the professional world. As you follow the path of the game, you will complete a series of tasks that can help you be the most prepared you can be, from completing the Pathway U assessments to participating in the mock-up interview to help you earn that Bomb internship or even job in your career field. Once the game is complete, the participants can earn the Career Readiness Badge.

This infographic & magnet was created using the Career Center brand guidelines and Baldwin Wallace. Blue, Gold, and Brown colors help create a unique color scheme that is easy to follow and keeps text readable. The project’s design uses the elements of color and shape to help emphasize the critical information of the infographic. Along with using two essential design elements, the infographic, and magnet also use design principles of emphasis, movement, white space, and contrast. Each principle helps complete the overall look and feel to help highlight the critical information to complete the game and successfully earn the Career Readiness Badge.

Color and Type Study

Type and Color Study for The Career Services Magnet and Badge

Sketch of the Infographic

Career Readiness Sketch

The Career Readiness Badge

Career Readiness Badge

Final Career Readiness Infographic 

The Career Readiness Infographic Game