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The Strongsville Shock is an eSports team from Strongsville, Ohio. The team was founded on the values of kindness, friendly competition, positivity, and the belief that anyone can be a gamer. The team is a valued part of the community, bringing good vibes and including others. The team is also founded on the value that the bond made from a shared interest often starts great friendships that last a lifetime.

The logo represents the boldness and brightness of the team and its values. Electric Blue represents the pureness of the team, while Lighting Yellow represents the intensity and hyper-focus of this eSports team. The colors also represent the positivity and kindness the team was founded on initially. The typeface of Futura PT Bold represents the intensity and boldness of the team as well as the strong bond that is made when individuals make a friendship based on a shared interest. The second typeface of the logo, Source Sans Pro Bold, was chosen because of its various weights and the way it complements Futura PT Bold.

Color and Type Study

Strongsville Shock Color and Type Study


Sketches for the Strongsville Shock Logo

Version One | Logos

Version One of the Strongsville Shock Logo
The Initial Version of the Strongsville Shock Sub Logo

Final Version | Logos

Final Version of the Strongsville Shock Primary Logo
Final Version of the Strongsville Shock Secondary Logo

Initial Version | Identity System

The Initial Version of the Strongsville Shock Identity System
Version one of the Strongsville Shock eSports Jersey

Final Version | Identity System

Final Version of the Brand Identity System for the Strongsville Shock
Final Version of the Strongsville Shock eSport Jersey